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3 Reasons to Start Your Spring Deck Building Plans Now!

You may not think of winter as the time to start making plans for your new deck.

Here in the Puget Sound the weather usually remains fairly cold and wet. Most people still find themselves cozied up indoors and enjoying the beauty of nature through the window rather than out on their deck.

However, winter is actually one of the best times of year to start your new deck plans.  Getting ahead of the regular deck building season can help you save time and money, and let you make the most of your new deck when the warmer months finally arrive.  

This is why the expert deck builders at NW Pearl are here to give you a few helpful reasons why you should start your spring deck building plans right away.

Beat the Rush

In general, the winter months tend to be a slower time of year for deck contractors. This means that their schedules are usually more open than the spring and summer months.  Planning ahead and talking to a deck builder now can help you find the perfect spot in both of your schedules to start your new deck project. Booking early can provide you with the best chance to grab that early spring start date before your builder’s schedule fills up.

With more availability in the winter, professional deck builders, like the experts at NW Pearl, are able to provide you with additional one on one time to help you perfect your new deck building plans.  They’ll have more time to create and review your deck designs with you, get together a complete materials list for your new deck, and place any special orders in advance.  That way your new deck project is already prepped and ready to get moving without delay as soon as spring arrives.

Maximize Your Budget

Planning ahead also gives you time to better plan your budget, and potentially even scrounge up some extra money for those added features and upgrades you may be wanting.

At NW Pearl, we provide free quotes on all our projects. If you find that the estimate for your dream deck is a bit outside your original budget, starting your spring deck building plans early means you now have extra time to save some additional money. This is especially true knowing that most tax refunds that are sent out in late winter, and that extra cash in your pocket can be set aside for your new deck.

If you’re planning on financing your new deck, starting your deck plans in winter also gives you plenty of time to find the right home improvement loan for your project. Getting approved for a loan can take time, but if you start applying now you’ll have the money for your project in hand by the time your project start date rolls around.

In the end, your new deck should be something you love and enjoy for years. By planning your budget ahead there’s no need to cut costs using cheaper materials or skimp on the custom features and addons you’ve always dreamed of having.

Why Start Your Spring Deck Building Plans Now? | NW Pearl.
Why Start Your Spring Deck Building Plans Now? | NW Pearl.

Make The Most Of Your Deck

The earlier in the spring you start building your deck, the more time you will have to enjoy your new outdoor living space.  Waiting until the spring to book your deck contractor, and get your estimates and deck designs can potentially stretch out the building process well into late spring or summer. 

Considering one of the main purposes of a new deck is to be able to enjoy the beauty of the Pacific Northwest outdoors during the warm, sunny spring and summer months you’ll want to book your deck contractor early. That way you can start entertaining guests, throwing backyard parties, or even just relaxing out in nature before your friends and neighbors, and have most of the year to enjoy your deck.

Choose NW Pearl

NW Pearl is here to help you build the perfect deck to compliment your home in Snohomish County, Washington. A locally owned and operated deck builder, we have over 20 years experience specialising in custom deck builds, deck railings, and deck stairs. We pride ourselves using only Pacific Northwest sourced and purchased materials, and are happy to provide you with a free, custom quote before we build.

Call or contact us today and we’d be happy to help you get your spring deck building plans started early!

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