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Spring Is The Perfect Time For New Fencing In Snohomish County

The sun is back, the trees are starting to blossom, and those clear views of the mountains have returned. That must mean it’s spring in Snohomish County again!

For most homeowners in the Northwest, the return of spring also means the start of new home improvement projects; and one of the most valuable projects you can complete this year is to build a new, custom fence for your yard.

High quality fencing not only provides your home with extra privacy and security, but can add character and value as well. So why wait until later in the year to get started?

NW Pearl is here to give you a few helpful hints as to why early spring is the best time to get new fencing in Snohomish County. 

Early Start = Early Finish

Planning ahead and talking to a fence builder now can help you find the perfect spot in both of your schedules. Booking at the beginning of spring can give you the best chance to grab an early start date before your builder’s schedule fills up.

With more availability early in the season, professional fence installers are able to provide you with additional, personalized time to help you perfect your plans. They’ll have more time to create and review your fence designs with you, and place any special orders in advance. That way your new fencing project is prepped early and ready to start without delay.

Make The Most Of Your Budget

Starting now also gives you time to better plan your budget, and save some extra money for those custom fencing options you may have been dreaming about.

At NW Pearl, we provide free quotes on all our fencing projects. If you schedule us now and find that the estimate for your ideal fence is a bit outside your original budget, you’ll have some extra time to save and still get your new fence up before the summer hits.

Since spring is also tax season, you may also have the added benefit of a bit of extra cash in your pocket that you can put towards your new fence. 

Choose NW Pearl

A locally owned and operated fencing contractor, NW Pearl has over 20 years experience specialising in custom fences, gates, hinges, and more. We pride ourselves on our attentive customer service, and the fact that we use only Pacific Northwest sourced and purchased materials.

We come highly recommended for fencing in Snohomish County, and are happy to provide you with referrals and a free, custom quote before we build!

Feel free to view our residential fencing guide for some additional tips that you should consider before starting your project. 

NW Pearl’s Fencing Options

In the end, your new fence should not just provide privacy and security, it should be something that you love. By getting started in early spring, there’s no need to cut costs using cheaper materials or skimp on custom features.

White vinyl fence

Vinyl Fence

Black vinyl fence

Black Vinyl Fence

Cedar fence

Cedar Fence

Galvanized fence

Galvanized Fence

Custom Options

Custom built gate

Custom Gates

Gate hinge

Custom Gate Hinges

Gate handle

Custom Gate Handles

Gate latch

Custom Gate Latches

Be sure to visit our project gallery for more photos that showcase the many styles of fences found throughout Snohomish County, to see what types of residential fencing might work for your home. 

Call or contact us today and we’d be happy to help you get your new fencing up this spring!

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